Niagara 2818 family is a multi-segment 10 Gigabit Intelligent Hybrid Active Bypass Switch family, with optional ports of Active or Passive TAP for flexible port monitoring. The Niagara 2818 Family contains high availability/redundant failover capabilities. The active bypass enables plug and play connectivity, includes an auto heartbeat and does not require additional drivers to be installed on connected appliances. The unit possesses management functionality that can be utilized via an extensive web GUI or CLI which enables flexibility and multiple configurations. The Niagara 2818 passive bypass feature automatically switches the network traffic upon power failure of an attached in-line device, preserving network connectivity.

Niagara 2818 Configurations

 Niagara 2818Niagara 2818TNiagara 2818PT
Product Name Niagara
10G Active Bypass Segments 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4
SFP+/SFP Appliance Ports 2 to 8 10 to 16 2 to 8
Additional Features   8 Active TAP Ports Up to 8 Passive TAP ports

Niagara Bypass Switch provides major features that are essential in today’s data centers:

  • Active switching of traffic in case of system failure
  • Passive Bypass which is essential during power loss
  • High availability failover capabilities (for multiple segment bypass switches only)
  • Additional Active TAP ports available for Network monitoring available on various models
  • Additional Passive TAP ports available for Network monitoring available on various models
  • Redundant power supplies for maximum reliability
  • Dedicated Management Port and Console Port
  • Extensive CLI and WEB based management
  • SSH and HTTPS for secure Management
  • TACACS+ authentication and syslog support
  • NTP support
  • EMC, FCC Class A, UL (Safety) Certifications


WAN LAN 2299



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