The Niagara 4272 is a 72 port 10 Gigabit Network Packet Broker, hardware based traffic distribution and load balancing system. The Traffic Distribution and Load Balancing has flexible and extensive configuration options.
The system can support distribution and filtering for L2-L4 IP traffic, MPLS tunneling and it provides the ability to customize key for distribution. The 72 ports support 1 gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet with SFP and SFP+ support including multi mode, single mode and extended mode fiber.

  • Load balancing according to multiple key definitions
  • MPLS, Q in Q support
  • Session aware load balancing
  • User defined bytes for filtering
  • Port failover mechanism
  • Counters for ingress and egress traffic
  • RMON statistics
  • TACACS+ for centralized authentication
  • Syslog for events logging
  • SNMP management and reporting
  • CLI and Web-based management and configuration
  • Mirroring of one to many and any to any
  • Secure logging and secure management
  • Support for a total of 2,000 filtering and redirection rules
  • Support for GRE and GTP*
  • Support IPv6 filtering

System Characteristics

  • Max system throughput 1.44Tbps
  • Support for SFP and SFP+, LS, LR, SX, LX, TX, ER
  • Low power – 500 Watts
  • 1U chassis
  • Serial console and Ethernet management port

Due to its versatility and flexibility the system can support mirroring to multiple ports aggregation of multiple ports to a single port and an extensive filtering engine. There are several load balancing methodologies supported which enable traffic to be distributed according to any configured output of ports and the distributing key can be defined as follow:

  • VLAN ID -- packets belonging to the same VLAN will be redirected to the same port.
  • IP-Src -- packets belonging to the same IP source will be redirected to the same port.
  • IP-Dst -- packets belonging to the same IP destination will be redirected to the same port.
  • MAC-Src -- packets belonging to the same MAC source will be redirected to the same port.
  • MAC-Dst -- packets belonging to the same MAC destination will be redirected to the same port.
  • TCP-Port -- packets with the same TCP port will be redirected to the same port.
  • UDP-Port -- packets with the same UDP port will be redirected to the same port.
  • User Defined Byte (UDB) - where the key for distribution is configurable and all the packets with the same key will be redirected to the same port. The number of ports is configurable.


PacketMaster GUI



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