The  Niagara 5002 is a network appliance that performs: time stamping, de-duplication and flow based/flow load, load balancing. The load balancing is done with tunnel parsing based on the passenger packet. This appliance which can handle up to 40Gbps of traffic comes equipped with up to eight ports of 10G fiber and two ports for the management and serial console.

De-duplication eliminates duplicate copies of data, to reduce the amount of data that needs to be put into storage or transferred within the network by dropping duplicate packets. For performance monitoring, as more transactions occur on a network, timestamping becomes necessary to be able to pinpoint where communication delays or latency are happening, which allows for tuning the network for performance. The Niagara 5002 is meant to run in conjunction of a broad range of applications, including security, performance monitoring, networking forensics, lawful intercept, storage and data center server appliances.

The Niagara 5002 comes with hot swappable redundant power supplies and fans.

Time Stamping

  • Per packet UTC value. 8 byte at the End Of the Packet, before trailer
  • 5.7ns granularity
  • 1 PPS/ PTP/ NTP synchronization


  • 32 packet window for identifying duplicate frames

Load Balancing

  • Flow Based Round Robin
  • 2 Million Concurrent flows

Tunnel handling

  • Tunnels supported during Load-balancing:
  • VLAN
  • Q-Q
  • MPLS, Multi MPLS
  • IP-in-IP
  • GTP-U
  • GRE-1/2

Fabric Path and Overlay Tunnel stripping

  • Cisco VnTAG
  • Cisco Fabric Path
  • VmWare VxLAN

System Key Components

  • Eight dual speed SFP+ Ports (SR or LR)
  • Two Redundant hot pluggable power supplies
  • One console port and One Management with IPMI port
  • 1U chassis
  • Full RoHS compliance
  • EMC, FCC Class A, UL (Safety) Certifications



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