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High Density 10GE Network Monitoring Switch with Application and Threat Intelligence

Now dynamic data centers can meet the challenges posed by soaring data and traffic on the network. Ixia's Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) 6212 lets them ensure high availability and security while optimizing the cost-effectiveness and value of current tools.

Encrypted tunnels are an emerging threat that can carry all sorts of attacks. The ATI Processor has been updated with stateful, bidirectional SSL decryption capability to expose these hidden network threats. With this capability, the ATI Processor makes it easier and quicker for tools downstream to process information. Full application classification and forwarding with zero impact on original encrypted traffic is supported.

The NTO 6212 is a 1U high-density 48 Port 10G network monitoring switch designed for large data centers. This robust and highly efficient solution enables monitoring of the rapidly expanding numbers of 1GE and 10GE ports using existing monitoring tools. Aggregating and filtering data from multiple visibility points in the network, the 6212 makes sure that critical network traffic is delivered to the ideal, appropriate monitoring tool. By enhancing the performance of their network and security monitoring tools, companies improve network performance, increase operation team productivity and reduce the risk of network outages.

The Ixia NTO 6212:

  • Provides high density with 48x10GE ports in a compact 1U form factor
  • Enables for Application-level filtering and intelligence as well as SSL decryption via the optional Application and Threat Intelligence capability
  • Monitors virtual and private cloud infrastructures at full line rate
  • Reduces downtime and troubleshooting efforts

The NTO 6212 is an ideal solution for enterprise data centers with increased bandwidth requirements due to higher processor density, virtualization and SAN.

  • Provides dynamic, signature-based application detection and monitoring
  • Combines traditional NTO capabilities with application awareness and context
  • Allows application tracking by bandwidth, session, and geography
  • Supports generation of NetFlow v9 &10 and IPFIX data
  • Supports up to10 NetFlow collectors
  • Delivers frequent updates via ATI subscription
  • Allows hitless upgrades
  • Offers compact, high-density form factor options



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