Bypass with Heartbeat and Link Fault Detect

Ixia Net Optics Intelligent Bypass (iBypass) Switches provide fail-safe protection against tool failures while allowing inline appliances to continue protecting the network from incoming threats. iBypass features intelligence valuable in managing devices and upgrades remotely, leveraging statistics, and flexible control of SNMP and other capabilities.

The 10/100/1000 iBypass Copper Switch delivers fail-safe in-line monitoring with a host of powerful advantages.

Heartbeat and Link Fault Detect

Ixia Net Optics iBypass Switches continuously send configurable heartbeat packets to Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) and other inline devices to identify link anomalies and device failures. If a device stops responding, traffic is diverted until the appliance is brought back online.

Uninterrupted Traffic

10/100/1000 iBypass Switches supports fail-safe monitoring with any 10/100/1000BaseT in-line device when sharing the same power source. While the switch receives power, it diverts network traffic to attached in-line devices. When the switch loses power, in-line traffic continues to flow through the network link, but is no longer routed through the device. This allows the network device to be removed and replaced without network downtime. Once power is restored to the switch, traffic is seamlessly diverted to the in-line device, allowing it to resume critical functions.

Simple Remote Management

Ixia’s browser-based interface allows users to change settings, view status, and retrieve data remotely with simple-to-use controls. All configuration and traffic data are displayed on a single page, and changes easily made with a few clicks of a mouse.

The Ixia Web Manager features software-based tools providing easy-to-read security and performance information from either a single device or all of the Ixia monitoring devices deployed in the network. Bypass triggers, heartbeat rate, and heartbeat packets can be customized from an RS232 command line interface.

Passive, Secure Technology

  • Fail-safe monitoring with any 10/100/1000 in-line tool
  • Increased up-time on critical network links
  • Link Fault Detect prevents undetected link failures
  • Fully RoHS compliant

Ease of Use

  • LED indicators show power, speed, link, and activity status
  • Front-mounted connectors support easy installation and operation
  • Optional 19-inch rack frames holds two units

Deployment Ixia Net Optics 10 100 1Gb Copper Bypass Switch



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