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SIRIUS provides neutral, high performing Packet Capture & Storage Services for various Analysis and Monitoring purposes within enterprise networks. Designed to meet today’s demand for high-speed, high-traffic packet capture on IP networks, SIRIUS is capable of storing network traffic (regardless of packet sizes) at a continuous data rate of up to 40Gbps. Thus, SwiftWing SIRIUS ensures that no packets will be lost when subjected to demanding and intensive network conditions.

SwiftWing SIRIUS – a standard for lossless packet capture

storageconsumption v1SIRIUS offers a piece of mind by ensuring that your network monitoring data is captured and stored in a precise, redundant and reliable system. The portable versions units are perfect companions for field engineering, varying in speed (4 to 20Gbps) and storage capacity (currently up to 16TB).For the more demanding tasks a line of 19" systems for stationary use is provided, varying in speed (4 to 40Gbps) and storage capacity (currently up to 1.500TB by different models).


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