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Is your SS7 network protected?

Security concerns are not just limited to the Internet and Enterprise IP world. National mobile and fixed network architectures are also vulnerable to attacks, most notably via the SS7 architecture. SS7, as with IP version 4 and the Internet, was architected as an open protocol which would only be used within Network Operators network domain and between cooperating Network Operators and security was not built in.

SS7 Firewall is designed to defend Operators and subscribers from various attacks like Untrusted Nodes, SS7 Vulnerabilities, Eavesdrop on subscribers voice calls, unlawful tracking to street level, Spoofing subcribers ..... 

The SS7 Firewall inspects SS7 messages entering and leaving the network and enforces a security policy at these points. The following are some highlights of the SS7 Firewall:

  • High capacity, scalable, carrier-garde SS7 Firewall
  • Enforces rules and GSMA best-practice at your network border
  • Prevents abuse and attacks in your SS7 network
  • Comprehensive inspection of messages
  • Multi-layer policing of all SS7 MSUs at line rate
  • Scalable reliable protection from abuse including tracking, unlawful intercept, fraud and DoS attacks

SS7 HighLevel System

SS7 HighLevel Deploy


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