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Gain Visibility of Your Organization’s Sensitive Data on Day One

If you don’t have visibility into your organization’s sensitive data, you can’t protect it. Digital Guardian for Data Visibility and Control enables you to understand exactly where your organization’s PII, PCI, PHI data is and how it’s being used – without requiring pre-defined policies. It also delivers device control and encryption – all at affordable price.


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Key Facts Digital Guardian for Data Visibility and Control

  • DEEPEST VISIBILITY: Digital Guardian operates at the kernel of the OS, providing complete visibility to all hardware, software, data storage and data movement. We deliver actionable results, out-of-the-box, without predefined policies, providing insight into data and application movement along with trends and baselines to prioritize response and remediation.
  • AUTOMATED CLASSIFICATION – WITHOUT PREDEFINED POLICIES: Most data protection solutions require you to spend weeks or months identifying and classifying your sensitive data before protection starts. Digital Guardian begins as soon as you install it, proactively tagging and classifying PII, PCI and PHI data.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT: Only Digital Guardian offers complete data protection through an on premise solution, cloud-based managed service, or a hybrid of both. Our cloud-based managed services are the answer if you have more IP than IT. As an extension of your team, we’ll expertly develop, deploy, and manage all of your policies enterprise-wide as if they were our own.

Identify and monitor PII, PHI and PCI data - immediately

Install the DG agents and they will instantly start classifying and tagging your PII, PHI and PCI data through automatic content inspection. The tags remain no matter how the files are modified or where the data goes, giving the agent persistent visibility.

Get visibility of all data movement and data transmission

  • Get near real-time reports on the movement and use of all sensitive data based on the data classification, the user or process, and the action.
  • Set alerts for policy violations.

Protect endpoints from threats found at the network layer

  • Integrate threat feeds from network sandbox technology to block malicious executables and stop malware propagation at the endpoint.

Enforce device encryption policies

  • Require users to encrypt data written to removable devices or media using FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated encryption. Encryption is self-contained on the device, allowing only those with an encryption key to access that information.
  • Control who can access devices or media and control whether or not those devices/media can be accessed outside your organization.

Stop data theft by enforcing device use policies

  • Identify all removable devices or media connected to your endpoints.
  • Identify by type, manufacturer, model number, and MAC address.
  • Control and manage removable devices through endpoint ports, including USB, FireWire, eSATA, and webcams.
  • Set user prompt or block, or encrypt when a user is trying to copy data to a USB device.

Protection Platform



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