Better data for better decisions

The Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Processor delivers real-time filtered application data to monitoring tools so that customers can be empowered to make better decisions with better data. It provides rich data on behavior and location of users and applications, in any format needed – raw packets, filtered packets, or metadata. This allows IT teams to identify unknown network applications, mitigate network security threats from suspicious applications and locations, and spot trends in application usage to predict and forestall congestion.

This product solves one of the biggest challenges facing network administrators – complete network visibility that extends past layer 4 information. Many applications today run over HTTP within your network or cloud infrastructure, and thus can be obscured. The ATI Processor provides expanded visibility that gives you deep knowledge of your network, including application bandwidth and geo-location of application traffic. The ATI Processor has patent pending ability to dynamically detect new applications without signatures. It also provides mobile device identifier and browser information.

In addition, encrypted tunnels are an emerging threat that can carry all sorts of attacks. The ATI Processor has been updated with stateful, bidirectional SSL decryption capability to expose these hidden network threats. With this capability, the ATI Processor makes it easier and quicker for tools downstream to process information. Full application classification and forwarding with zero impact on original encrypted traffic is supported.

The Ixia ATI Processor is a 48 x 10GE interface card that can be used standalone in the compact 1 rack unit high Ixia Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) 6212 or within a NTO 7300 network packet broker (NPB) for a high port density implementation. The ATI Processor can be used with any combination of ports in the NTO 7300 chassis or NTO 6212 appliance. The NTO 7300 and Ixia’s Visibility Architecture provide the most scalable network visibility framework in the industry.

The application intelligence feature can be enabled from within the NTO 7300 control panel GUI by a simple drag and drop onto the desired dynamic filter. A web-based RESTful interface is also supported.


Thanks to IXIA for this Article