BreakingPoint™ Virtual Edition (VE)

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Virtualized Application and Security Resilience Testing

In today's world of crippling cyber attacks and dynamic applications, organizations need to know that their networks are secure enough to handle the worst that cyber criminals can throw at them. But even with spending on security technologies at an all-time high, how confident are you in vendor decisions and the security architecture you are implementing? High-fidelity testing can replace guesswork-based uncertainty with fact-based confidence.

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FlowMon product portfolio represents complex solution for monitoring networks based on flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX). Product portfolio consists of powerful autonomous FlowMon Probes, FlowMon Collectors and FlowMon modules which extend the functionality of FlowMon Probes and Collectors. The FlowMon Probe analyzes each passing packet and based on these data generate NetFlow statistics. NetFlow statistics are exported to FlowMon Collectors, stored and prepared for the visualization and analysis of user using FlowMon Monitoring Center.

FlowMon Probes

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The FlowMon Probe is a high performance stand-alone appliance that monitors network traffic and generates IP flow statistics (NetFlow v5/v9 or IPFIX). Flow statistics provide the information about who communicates with whom, when, how long, how often, how much data have been send and many others. This kind of information are necessary for network security, dealing with incidents on the network, billing services based on the amount of data transferred, capacity planning, and monitoring of users and services.

FlowMon Collector

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FlowMon Collector is a stand-alone server dedicated for collection, visualization, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, sFlow and other compatible with NetFlow technology). Network statistics can be exported from flow-enabled devices (switches, routers, firewalls,..), FlowMon Probes (Hardware or Virtual Appliances) or any other sources. FlowMon Collector is equipped with large data storage with RAID technology support and it is professional solution for medium and large networks.

FlowMon ADS

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FlowMon ADS is a modern system for detection of data network anomalies and undesirable behavior, which is based on permanent evaluation of network traffic statistics. The goal of the solution is to reveal operational problems and to increase external and internal security of a data network. The main advantage over standard IDS systems and SNMP monitoring lies in orientation on the overall behavior of devices in a network, which enables to respond to yet unknown or specific threats for which the signature is not available.

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