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Intelligent Filtering, Monitoring, and Visibility for 10G Networks

Comprehensive security packet brokering for 10G networks, delivering filtering, aggregation, and load-balancing.

The Ixia xStream™ 10 is a network packet broker for monitoring high-speed network traffic in in-line networks, letting you share the network’s rapidly increasing traffic load among multiple tools. The need to record and inspect all traffic on high-volume 10G networks puts pressure on organizations to invest heavily in new tools, or risk oversubscribing their current tools.

Now, xStream 10 enables deployment of multiple tools in parallel, with traffic balanced between them. This approach allows you to use IPSs, firewalls, Web accelerators, and other inline tools more efficiently.

Key Benefits

Filtering increases efficiency and maximizes tool utilization by sending each tool only the traffic it needs.
Tool load balancing protects the investment in existing monitoring tools by splitting the load from 10G links to 1G and 10G tools.
Relieves oversubscribed tools through load balancing and packet slicing.

  • Aggregation of input traffic from multiple links
  • Any-to-any, many-to-many port mapping
  • Purpose-built tool for load balancing
  • Inline tool load balancing e.g., (IPS): leverages 1GbE and 10GbE monitoring tool investments
  • Heartbeat monitoring of attached tools
  • Supports tool-sharing, in which multiple independent links share a pool of monitoring devices
  • TapFlow(tm) multi-layer filtering engine for layer 2-4 filtering
  • VLAN tag management
  • RMON statistics (packet count, utilization, etc.) All counters can be exported as CSV files
  • Any port can be used for monitor or network
  • Up to 24 10 Gigabit SFP+ connections
  • Advanced SNMPv3 integrates with all major NMS and Indigo Pro
  • Graphical "Drag and Draw" Filters
  • Port rate limiting
  • Link-state awareness
  • Packet slicing
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies
  • Role-based access control management
  • "Double Your Ports" feature doubles port density

Deployment Ixia xStream 10

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