SS7 Firewall

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Is your SS7 network protected?

Security concerns are not just limited to the Internet and Enterprise IP world. National mobile and fixed network architectures are also vulnerable to attacks, most notably via the SS7 architecture. SS7, as with IP version 4 and the Internet, was architected as an open protocol which would only be used within Network Operators network domain and between cooperating Network Operators and security was not built in.

Sim Box Detector

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Your Revenue Guardian

Voice service revenues are on the decline for many Mobile Operators. Fraudulent activities are taking away revenue from the already shrinking pie. One major fraud is illegal bypass of international voice traffic into the home network via SIM Boxes. A SIM Box Detector will detect illegal SIM Boxes and help Operators to retain revenues otherwise lost.

Digital Guardian - Data Visibility and Control

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Gain Visibility of Your Organization’s Sensitive Data on Day One

If you don’t have visibility into your organization’s sensitive data, you can’t protect it. Digital Guardian for Data Visibility and Control enables you to understand exactly where your organization’s PII, PCI, PHI data is and how it’s being used – without requiring pre-defined policies. It also delivers device control and encryption – all at affordable price.

Digital Guardian - Data Loss Prevention

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Mitigating Risks to Sensitive Enterprise Data with DLP

Breaches are inevitable, losing data is not. Digital Guardian for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) gives you everything you need – the deepest visibility, the fine-grained control and the industry’s broadest data loss protection coverage – to stop sensitive data from getting out of your organization.

Digital Guardian for Data Loss Prevention is consistently a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Context-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Digital Guardian - Advanced Threat Protection

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Protect the Data for the Best Defense against Advanced Threats

Attacks are inevitable. With the proper protocols and tools in place, you can spot and contain breaches before sensitive data gets out. Digital Guardian for Advanced Threat Protection is uniquely focused on understanding and preventing threats targeting your data and placing your systems at risk.

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