Mass and Target based IP Interception

The world of communication has undergone extraordinary technological developments. Smartphones, tablets and netbooks have changed our way of life and work. High-speed data lines and increasing network capacities result in the massive growth of Internet traffic. More and more aspects of life are being transferred to the virtual world. Social networking, Web 2.0 and cloud computing are influencing our culture – and are open to anyone. Internet technologies are developing and data volumes increase all the time.

vSAT Monitoring

The VSAT Interception, Monitoring and Logging system is designed for real time collection and traffic analysis of targeted VSAT Satellite Networks for Intelligence and Government Organizations. The basic objective of this system is to provide the targeted intelligence on a specific VSAT network of a particular organization/agency.

Monitoring Center

A tool to cross-reference (BIG) data from many different sources and transform it into useful intelligence.

Advanced Location Tracking & Mobile Information & Deception System

is a platform to covertly locate GSM devices in real-time, detect target movement patterns and proximity to other targets or VIP's.


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