Network security was historically focused on a perimeter to protect against external threats. But nowadays, more than 70% of attacks come from internal network so new approaches are required. Network traffic monitoring is becoming necessary part of each computer network and also anomaly detection systems are still more common.


NetFlow is a method for flow monitoring invented by Cisco. It's the industry standard for network traffic monitoring and the most widely used measurement solution today. Statistics on IP traffic flows provide information about who communicates with whom, when, how long, how often, using what protocol and service and also how much data was transferred.

For years, regular monitoring of network was performed by SNMP protocol. Today, when the availability and proper working of company's network is crucial for its existence, our customers desire for more sophisticated methods. Such methods must be able to provide real-time traffic statistics necessary for effective maintainance and securing of computer networks. The solution is a network monitoring system based on NetFlow.