Secure Network are product of continual testing using testing solutions to veryfy in-house and cloud-based security under realistic loads and with comprehensive application protocols and attacks.

Network defenses are constantly under attack from cyber criminals, organized hacktivists, and even disgruntled ex-employees. The stakes have never been higher for organizations, with the ongoing risks of DDoS attacks, advanced malware, botnets, data breaches, and damage to business goals during downtime from security failures. Even a small vulnerability in your network or data center infrastructure can lead to major financial and reputational damage.

Continually-evolving and new attacks seek to find yet-undiscovered holes in your network defense. Traditional network security testing using penetration methods or canned attacks is outdated and impractical. To fully understand how next-generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other security devices will perform on your particular network, you need to subjugate the devices to live cyber-war conditions that include massive-scale, realistic application traffic and the latest attacks.

The solution enables you to simulate real-world user traffic, at line rate, to determine how a device will perform when it goes live into production. It acts both as a client and a server, sending good, clean traffic along with security strikes to the target, and performing critical measurements for round trip time, latency, and throughput. You can methodically run the exact same tests on individual vendor hardware in a side-by-side “bake-off” scenario. Application and Threat Intelligence service enables a simple way to create test flows of the same malicious and recreational traffic your network must withstand. It provides updates, ensuring delivery of the industry's most up-to-date application and threat intelligence. It includes stateful application protocols, real-world attacks, live malware samples found in enterprise, core, and mobile networks.


  • Test and validate IT systems under controlled real-world scenarios that model your own unique environments
  • Better understand actual performance, system limitations, and real security posture to right size data centers and eliminate incidents in production
  • Provide a unified testing platform across all IT disciplines
  • Improve user experience by testing with real-world use scenarios
  • Ensure high-performing, and more available and secure business applications
  • Validate disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Reduced legal exposure due to data loss by validating security using the industry's most up to date application and threat intelligence